Frequently Asked Questions

What are thE destinations? 

We let the customer choose the destinations based on the amount of time they are booked for. If the customer has no specific destinations in mind the driver will choose popular spots such as bars, lounges, and island viewpoints. 

Who plays music on the bus? 

The Island Vybez Driver or copilot usually plays the music, however onboard there are mixed CDs from which the customer can choose. Additionally, there is an iPad with internet access which allows the customer to access apps such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Pandora. An auxiliary cord is also available. The customer can plug in his or her cell phone or iPod to play music off their personal playlist. A DVD player is available for watching your favorite movies.

Is there a bar onboard? 

Yes. There is a self-serve bar on board. Chasers including cranberry and orange juice, sprite, and coke are provided by Island Vybez. Cups and ice are also provided. Party-goers mix their own drinks. 

Can I bring my own liquor on the bus? 

Yes. This party bus is BYOB. Additionally the customer can request that the driver stop by a gas station or corner store to allow them to buy more liquor of their choice if necessary.

Can I bring my own food on the bus? 

Yes. Customers are allowed to bring light non messy finger foods onboard. The customer can also request to make a food stop once booked time allows. Birthday cakes and party bags are allowed. 

If I want special catering or decorations on the bus is that possible? 

 At Island Vybez, almost anything you can think up can be arranged if adequate time is provided to make the necessary arrangements. Pricing for these special requests will be on a case-by-case basis.  

Is smoking allowed on the bus? 

No. There is absolutely no smoking on board. For the comfort of all our passengers smoking on board IS NOT ALLOWED. Passengers can smoke outside the bus during stops. 

Is there a bathroom on-board? 

No. There is no onboard bathroom. Bathroom breaks can be taken during stops. 

What if I don’t want the driver to wait for me and I just want pick up and drop off services? 

Special services can be arranged call us for more information.

What if my booked time is up and I want additional time? 

We have had parties go three hours over the booked time! Passengers can request additional time from driver as long as it does not interfere with other bookings for that date and time. Payment must be made before the additional time begins.

What are the activities are onboard? 

There is a Supersized LED TV on board with an iPad with internet connectivity. These allow you to play games, use music apps, and watch videos on YouTube. Use our karaoke machine on board and sing along to the lyrics displayed on the TV screen, and enjoy DVDs as well! Party-goers can hook up cell phones to the bus's stereo system via auxiliary cord and listen to music from your favorite playlists or music apps. Choose your card and other games. It's YOUR party!

How many people
does the bus hold?

The maximum capacity of the party bus is 18 people

You are required to book at least 2 hours to make a reservation for the party bus. There is no maximum amount of hours once the schedule allows.

What is the minimum
and maximum
amount of hours
a person can book

A one hour deposit is due upon request of a specific date or time. Deposit must be paid for any booking to become official. Balance must be paid on the date of the booking directly before the bookings starts

When is a deposit due?

If you cancel a booking at least 7 days prior to booked date the customer will have the option to receive a full refund or reschedule their booking using the same deposit. Any cancellation with less than 7 days will result in the customers’ deposit being lost.

If I cancel a booking do I get my deposit back?